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Burrow video

2009. Documentation of an installation which took place at the inaugural GASA House show, the "Post 'Podium Results Show' Show", on July 11, 2009. Each artist took a space on either the first floor or in the basement. Burrow was comprised of hundreds of mailers, postcards and magazines from various art establishments stapled together in the shape of winding tunnel. Located near the laundry machines in the basement, and exiting into Anthony Alston's "Ineffectual Endeavor" installation underneath the stairs to the first floor, visitors immersed themselves into the shrinking space, narrowing to about 4' high, which was completely lit from the outside. The image side of the postcards faced the visitor, but two small holes in the wall allowed the visitor to climb outside of the tunnel to view the structure and to view the mostly white, information-covered outside of the tunnel. This piece was directly related to the "Trimmed Fat" sculpture of a dead cow lying on its side, similarly made from postcards and staples, and featured that same night in the closing reception for the "Podium Results Show" up the street at the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery. Other artists in this exhibition included: Anthony Alston, Brian Christensen, Liv Moe, Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Kim Musser, Peter Whittenberger, Dominique Paladino & Kristina Lyons, Rob Brown, Nick Larsen & Omar Pierce.

See photos of the Burrow Installation

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