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Painting Constellated Space (3 days, 1533 minutes)

1:00 minute
photographic animation by Audrey Love

A time lapse photography animation (provided by Audrey Love) of volunteers painting the north wall of the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, at the University of Nevada, Reno, preparing "Constellated Space". Shot every minute, collaborators worked over the course of three days, this is only a small sample of the full piece, which spanned the 5 walls of the Sheppard, the 3 walls of the adjacent Walter McNamara Gallery, and 4 walls in the Front Door Gallery. Painting took place the two weeks prior to the exhibition (March 7 - 11, 2011), and employed the help of nearly 80 volunteers - each responsible for determining a small portion of the final "look" of the piece. Collaborators were asked to pay attention to the white walls of the gallery and circle any irregularities, such as still-visible repairs from previous exhibitions, in a nearly-black, midnight blue-green color ("Deep Space" commercially available through Behr) - creating a loose map of the gallery's history, as it is still visible in its otherwise smooth surface.

Full List of Collaborators:

William Addington, Kyle Akins, Manuel Alfaro, Rachel Alger, Anthony Alston, Haley Anderton-Folmer, Zachary Andrews, Daniel Auerbach, Amy Batchelder, Bruce Betterley, Alana Berglund, Sabrina Bolster, Greg Brettell, Jeremy Bryan, Kaitlin Bryson, Kathryn Carlson, Kerri Carmachel, Chiung-Fang Chang, Stefan Chichester, Ryan Childers, Ashlea Clark, Ciara Clements, Bryan Christiansen, Valorraine Dattan, Nikki Davis, Daniel Dela Cruz, Joseph DeLappe and the Digital Media Department, Seth Dickens, Benn Dyer, Jon Farber, Justeen Ferguson, Devon Ford, Alisha Funkhouser, Andy Gallian, Kellye Gammond, Greg Gardella, Tanya Gayer, Lindsay Ginter, Shelly Goodin, Donald Gotchal, Erica Greif, Andrew Griego, Martin Harris, Todd Hayes, Blake Heauser, Andrea Juillerat Olvera, Kevin Kremler, Amanda Laca, Jesse Laca, Nick Larsen, Michelle Lassaline, Michelle Laxalt, Kimberley Lerner, Marissa Levan, Ana Leyva, Rafael Lopez de San Roman Blanco, Audrey Love, Kristina Lyons, Stephen Maples, AnnaMarie Marziliano, Megan Matthers, Kelli McKeegan, Brooke Lynn Mikkelsen, Jeff Miod, Erin Mough, Ricardo Olvera, Jean-Paul Perrotte, Sam Perry, Kelly Peyton, Amerique Powell, James Ramirez, Danielle Reyes, Leslie Robinson, Audrey See, Clint Sleeper, Steve Struebing (, Kelsey Sweet, Paige Talbott, Teaching Learning Technologies in the @ONE, Michelle Thompson, DJ Tilley, Melissa Varney, Bryan Vasquez, Charli West, Maritza X, Marjorie Vecchio and the interns and staff of the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery.

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